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Appointments & Fees


For the first visit in pregnancy, all appointments are at the main rooms in East Melbourne– ring 94188210. Expect the appointment to last 45 minutes, so you will need to allow for this in parking. 

It will speed things up on your first visit if you can download and complete this patient registration form before your visit – you can return it by fax or e-mail. Alternatively, you can fill in our online patient registration form here

You will need a current referral from your general practitioner to claim the maximum Medicare rebate. Please bring this with you to your appointment.

Other appointments can be at Masada Medical Centre if this is more convenient for you, on Thursday mornings only – for appointments there ring 9038 1600.

Most review appointments last 15 minutes. I am usually on time, but of course, the nature of obstetrics is that I may sometimes be called away to see a patient in labour, so sometimes appointments are delayed or may need to be rescheduled.


imageThe standard fee for a first consultation is $240. You will get back from $75-$131 of this from Medicare, depending if you have reached the safety net for the calendar year. In addition, an ultrasound is usually performed at this visit. The fee for this is $100 with $30-$47 refundable from Medicare. For more information about the safety net, including registration, check the Medicare website, or you can print out and complete their form. Subsequent visits are $125, with about $41-$75 claimable. The pregnancy planning and management fee of $3,500 (about $327-$551 refunded from Medicare) is charged at 28 weeks. Please ask if you need more detailed information. At your 6-week postnatal check, there will be a fee of $165, of which about $63-$111 is claimable.

Inpatient care including delivery and gynaecological surgical procedures will be billed directly to your health fund (if you are insured), therefore incurring no out-of-pocket expenses. This may not apply to any surgical assistant, anaesthetist, paediatrician or pathology services. 

Pregnancy out-of-pocket costs:

I am aware of the high cost of private health care, and try to keep my fees as low as possible. However, there are considerable expenses in maintaining an excellent standard of care. We will provide you with detailed pregnancy fee information at your first visit. At present, and depending on your safety net status, the total out-of-pocket cost is about $3,750-$4,525